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Louise Mason

Louise’s current work as a Learning Designer evolved from a background spanning teaching, training and development, coaching for high impact transference of learning into practice, resource development for professional practice, online learning facilitation and subsequently the creation of her first website in 2013 - flexible and futures-focused eLearning constructed around high impact pedagogies.

All of Louise’s resources, workshops and learning experiences are designed and written to exacting criteria, model best practice and address futures-related issues and trends. Through her understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the finding of “what you need when you need it”, the tyranny of distance and costs in getting to locations, and that time often comes in short grabs, she instigated and developed some of the first online materials when that mode for learning was still in its relative infancy.

Since then she has developed a strong interest in the labyrinth as a tool for experiential learning and much of her current focus is exploring its use in the fields of personal and professional development across organizations and community groups. Through the design of experiences with an in-built intention or question, Louise provides opportunities for windows into practices such as self-observation, accessing inner resources, gaining awareness, encountering perspectives, being open and reflective, and thinking critically and creatively. This has resulted in the creation of this second website, Learning with Labyrinths.

As a futures tool the labyrinth can be an enabler for finding places of stillness and centred-ness in an increasingly complex world. Dramatic social and technological change requires a counterbalance; finding quiet time and associated practices is emerging as a critical ‘super skill.’

Louise lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

She holds degrees in Teaching and Education from RMIT (Melbourne) and Flinders University (Adelaide). She is a Council Carrier of the Australian Labyrinth Network, and Chairs the Labyrinths in Educational Settings Working Group for the Network. 

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