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Education Settings

the labyrinth: a super-tool for professional practice, self reflection,
SEL, learning through movement, curriculum connections

As a pedagogical tool, the labyrinth facilitates learning through movement and offers a kinaesthetic approach to learner experiences. It can be readily incorporated into Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and it offers entry points into curriculum and multiple ways of exploring concepts.

As a mindful tool, the labyrinth offers a calming and quieting space, benefitting mood, alleviating anxiety, and aiding concentration. It fits neatly into self and social awareness and management and supports the (Australian Curriculum) Personal and Social Capability learning continuum.

As a reflective tool, it offers new opportunities and ways of seeing things through being self-observant, self-reflective and building self-knowledge. The labyrinth can open channels for body wisdom to surface and offer new perspectives including imagination, creativity, and problem solving.

And so labyrinths have wide application across professional development, within the learning and teaching program, in mindful and meditative activities, and in conjunction with study stresses or anxiety issues.

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We are more than our minds. Threading its way through

the expanses of time,
the labyrinth finds us

ready to access our

body wisdom

in the 21st Century.

Louise Mason




The scope and breadth of our workshops knows no bounds. From the specifics of labyrinths themselves and delving more deeply into the whys and wherefores, to actual labyrinth construction, to ways that labyrinths can be incorporated into programs and professional development, our workshops will get your journey started!


 Learning  Experiences 

From workshops to masterclasses, from team building to customised experiences, from mindfulness to the management of stress, we’ve got you covered. 

Experience the metaphor of journey on the labyrinth pathways to discovery!




Heard about labyrinths but not sure how to progress? Have a particular idea that could use some expansion? Thinking about how to bring a team or whole staff together? Looking for more ways to incorporate labyrinths into the life of your organisation?

We’re happy to start a conversation now!



Looking for something that’s a perfect fit for your context and circumstances? Interested in exploring ways that labyrinth experiences can complement the programs, goals, vision, values of your workplace? Uniquely for you…




You might be surprised at how many different ways a labyrinth can become the focus for team building in your organisation! Why not try it on!

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We love bringing our creativity to the fore when planning events..

Think of a reason for gathering, and we’ll do the rest. Serious or playful, the labyrinth is adaptable. Let us bring an event to you.

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Explore our “warehouse” of ready-made down-loadable gifts for your use – from workshops to self-reflective walks, classroom activities and curriculum connections to community walks, celebratory events to professional practice activities.

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