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Having a labyrinth onsite is not a pre-requisite for engaging in any of these workshops.

We have portable labyrinths we can bring to sites. Alternatively, it is also possible to construct a temporary labyrinth onsite, which doubles as a neat team building exercise.


Listed below are some workshops good to go now! 

And as we’ve said before, we love designing so if you can’t see what you’re after, let us know!

Intro to Labyrinths



Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

This is the practical stuff. It is a workshop for everyone who has had little or no experience with labyrinths or of walking them. It is largely an experiential workshop, and is designed as an introduction to the labyrinth and its construction, to give a labyrinth walking experience, and to provide an opportunity for reflection on that experience, ie. what is a labyrinth? how is a labyrinth used? how is a labyrinth constructed? what is a labyrinth’s potential?

Immersive Labyrinth Workshop



Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups 

In this immersive and experiential workshop, participants are introduced to and use a variety of labyrinth designs to learn about the three main functions of labyrinths - as a de-stressor, a reflective thinking tool, and a creativity channel. In-built opportunities are provided to reflect on the experiences and to consider applications for personal needs. In addition, ways that labyrinths might benefit those in your context, ie workplace, organisation, community group, educational setting are explored.

Labyrinths: where from, where to?



Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

With interest in labyrinths growing steadily,  it’s natural to be curious about where they’ve been hiding all this time, how they’ve suddenly come into focus, how and where they’re being used, and why people are drawn to them. Not to mention the benefits of walking them. 

This workshop seeks to answer those questions, building your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of this intriguing symbol and archetype that has been part of human civilisation for over 4000 years.

Stepping Out Together



Suitable for Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

Whether you are initiating a new program, beginning a new venture, entering a significant period or seeking to mark the beginning of a new year in a special way, this workshop is a great way to mark the occasion. The workshop is custom-designed to your specific needs, and concepts like collaboration, trust, harmony, connection and wellbeing are incorporated into the experience.

Professional Practice: learning and growing with labyrinths

1.5 - 2 HOURS 


Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations,
Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings

The labyrinth form offers shifting, inspiring and renewing perspectives on its spiral path. Releasing the mind of all its incessant chatter, being present to the moment, staying open and non-judgemental, and taking things step by step – as we can only do on a labyrinth path – can allow insights to arise, self-knowledge to surface, and body wisdom to “speak.” We can become more receptive to imagery, metaphor, and creative activity. We offer facilitated workshops with an emphasis on developing the practice of walking with a focus question. This has application in areas such as team building, change management, decision making, problem solving, stress management, creativity and the development of new ideas

Labyrinths in your Learning and Teaching Program



Suitable for:
Educational Settings

Learn how to draw and make them, walk and use them, design activities and experiences, make curriculum connections. This workshop is practical and experiential, and designed to take you down the labyrinth path in educational settings!

Exploring Resources in a Workshop



Suitable for:
Educational Settings

Maybe you are relatively new to the world of labyrinths and are not feeling entirely confident about using our downloadable resources in the form you find them. Whether it’s connecting with curriculum, working more with SEL, mindfulness, or getting to know the practicalities of labyrinths and using them on a regular basis, contact us to start a conversation about workshopping them with you.

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