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Customised  Experiences

We thrive on bringing our creativity into the design of labyrinth experiences that will support and benefit your goals, desires, visions and dreams. 

As a single tool, whether permanent or temporary, large or small, the labyrinth offers itself as a vehicle for hosts of activities with varying purposes. And this is where being innovative comes to the fore. Labyrinths lend themselves to all manner of possibilities for individuals, small and large groups across the complete age range in any setting.

When it comes to innovation, there’s no end to the supplementary materials and tools that can be incorporated into designed experiences, depending of course on the focus, as responses to labyrinth walks. Examples of some of these are symbolic actions, dance, art, writing/journaling, performance, storyboards, music/percussive expression – all authentic and purposeful means for processing labyrinth walks.

Methodologies, techniques, tools and practices capable of unlocking and enhancing creative competencies, and thinking processes associated with analysis, decision making, problem solving, strategy, interaction, and communication are also utilised as and where relevant.


Let's talk about


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for your specific needs. 

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