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Let us plan an event with you.

We’ve planned and run a host of labyrinth events. And we’d love to design one for you, whether it’s something for your school, community, social group, workplace, line managers, team, staff, students, interest group . . .

Maybe you’d like to:

  • organise a special walk for the start of a day, the end of the week, a new project beginning, the end of an intensive period or any other marker of time

  • offer your students, staff, employees, teams, groups a different kind of experience, something that incorporates movement rather than ”sitting and listening”

  • honour a significant local, national or global awareness day in your own community, workplace or school

  • celebrate something really exciting that’s happened in your own community, workplace or school

  • establish an event with a view to its becoming a ritual

  • run a seasonal event related to the cycles of nature, or agriculture

  • plan a labyrinth experience that could be offered at a fair, festival or expo

Events can include activities such as symbolic action, creation of mandalas, expressive movement, circle dancing, journaling, expressive writing. . .


Here are some events we have designed for various groups. Depending on numbers and the type of embedded activity, these facilitated walks take approximately one to two hours. Maybe they are what you’re looking for, maybe not. Creating for specific needs is what we love to do. 

A Futures Thinking Immersion

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

What futures are possible or impossible, probable or improbable, desired or undesired? We all can engage and immerse ourselves in the exciting world of futures thinking. There are no rights and wrongs in futures thinking. On this labyrinth walk we consider the three key principles coming from futures research, take a scan of our current global and local landscapes, and engage with reflection questions. The walk culminates with a symbolic action.

Gather in Circle to Celebrate Trees

1 -2 HOURS


Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

On this labyrinth walk we consider the gift of tree wisdom and focus on the common elements of tree life cycles and our own. We awaken our consciousness not only to the slow enduring forces that trees are but also their critical function as lungs of the earth. To close we celebrate the gift of trees with an easily-learned circle dance 

Valuing Forgiveness & Letting Go

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

A Walk for Global Forgiveness Day, or any other time

Here we remind ourselves of the importance of forgiveness, valuing forgiveness others have offered us, focusing on those we may need to forgive – including ourselves, and taking the opportunity to start afresh. A symbolic action is incorporated into the walk.

Regeneration, Renewal, Self-Reflection

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for:
Educational Settings

A winter solstice walk

The solstices bring darkness and light into focus. At the winter solstice we are experiencing a transition in the cycle of our planet from longer periods of darkness to progressively longer periods of light. Darkness can be nurturing, comforting, embracing and welcoming. It can also be symbolic of the darker moments in life: vulnerability, fear, sickness, loss. In the darker moments we generally look towards the light. Life is like a dance between darkness and light. On this walk we look to the circle of the labyrinth as an embracing container for us and our life journey. 


Think World -Think Urban -Think Sustainability

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations,
Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings

A walk for World Habitat Day, or any other time

This walk enables us to consider questions related to

  • the state of our towns and cities

  • the basic right of all to adequate shelter

and to hold space for all those for whom adequate shelter is a life challenge. Along the way, walkers will engage with stimuli material aimed at heightening awareness and stimulating reflection. 

World Freedom Day Walk

1 -2 HOURS


Suitable for:
Educational Settings, Community Groups

What does “freedom” conjure for you?

Freedom from …?        Freedom for …?      Freedom to …?    Freedom of …?

What impacts on freedoms? What freedoms are listed as basic human rights? What actions might we take? We reflect on an aspect of freedom of choice and focus on being receptive, self-observant and self-aware. 

Shaping Peace Together

1 -2 HOURS


Suitable for Businesses, Corporations, Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings, Community Groups

We focus on what threatens our health, our security and our very way of life, those things that throw our world into turmoil and forcibly remind us that what happens in one part of the planet can impact people everywhere. The walk culminates in a global peace wave.

Sunset Summer Solstice Walk

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for: Businesses, Corporations,
Companies & Organisations, Educational Settings

On this walk we observe Nature’s cycle: the sun setting and the day closing, a golden time on the cusp of the longest day of the year. We consider the sun as our source of light and life, filling us as we take a seasonal pause, listening to our surroundings and reflecting on our recent journeys. To conclude we create a sun mandala.

A Reconciliation Labyrinth Walk

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for:
Educational Settings, Companies & Organisations, Community Groups

Among its many functions, the labyrinth is a tool for mindful walking and healing. With respect to reconciliation we walk in gratitude for the richness of the oldest continuing culture in the world. We contemplate our connection to each other, to ancestors and to Country. We reflect on our individual and collective role in the journey to reconciliation.  A symbolic action is an inherent part of the walk.


An Earth Day Treat

1 - 2 HOURS


Suitable for:
Educational Settings, Community Groups

“It is only on the condition of humility and reverence before the world that our species will be able to remain in it.” ~ Wendell Berry. On our Earth Day treat we engage our five senses through mindfulness activities, take a reflective walk on the Labyrinth and feel the pulse of our planet, Earth. In conclusion there is an opportunity to express the pulse of the Earth through creative movement/music.

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