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Team Building


Establishing a labyrinth can be a transforming experience for everyone involved. The power of the labyrinth symbol as a form of knowing connects people and purpose with place throughout the process and beyond. Designed as a challenge, the team building task will require the formation of teams of mathematicians, construction workers and artists/designers - with each team contributing to the overall completion of the labyrinth. This is followed with two workshops, the first for everyone and the second for team leaders:

Workshop I: An Introduction to the Labyrinth 

In this introductory workshop you will:

  • reflect on the team challenge

  • analyse and interpret the structure and design of a labyrinth

  • pose questions about labyrinths

  • enact and respond to constructed scenarios based on current reality

  • learn the basics of walking labyrinths

  • walk the labyrinth with an intention and reflect on the experience

  • apply that experience to yourself and your context

Workshop II: Bringing the Labyrinth into the Organisation’s Culture

In this workshop you will:

  • experience several labyrinth walks for different purposes

  • respond to those experiences using expressive forms

  • learn some guidelines for working with labyrinths

  • consider your organisation’s values and their evidence in its culture

  • enact and respond to constructed scenarios based on current reality

  • brainstorm ways the labyrinth can benefit the culture of the organisation

  • reflect on your role in embedding labyrinth use into the culture of the organisation

  • set up a sharing and support platform      


A group reflective labyrinth walk that can stand alone or be combined with other facilitation activities, it focuses participants on questions related to their roles as team members, specifically in relation to their roles and responsibilities. 


 A group labyrinth walk that focuses on configurations of people during the walk in and out of the labyrinth, this labyrinth exercise encourages noticings, and invites responses to workplace metaphors made evident – especially as they relate to teams. 


With music and workplace visualisations, this team building opportunity utilises fun body movements on the labyrinth to explore how people relate in prescribed situations, and what it teaches us about ourselves and our work in teams.

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