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Learning Experiences


A series of labyrinth walking Learning Experiences – listed below - has been designed, catering for a variety of circumstances and needs. They all guide you through a 3-step process with relevant reflective questions to help you focus as you walk: It might be something you are looking for individually, or something that your team, department or group of colleagues would benefit from – both personally and professionally. Senior students could also use these to advantage.

  • Adapting to Change

  • Awakening to Action

  • Enacting Love

  • In Times of Transition

  • Gathering Momentum

  • Letting Love Flow

  • Shedding the Shackles

  • Stepping Out

  • Professional Practice Pathways

  • Moving Forward



Walk. Reflect. Apply. This learning experience exposes participants to different labyrinth designs: a Transitional for moving from one mode to another, a Petit Chartres for calming and quieting our minds and bodies, and an introduction to several forms that can be easily transformed into a take-home finger labyrinth for continued use. Opportunities for reflection, recording and application sharing compliment the experience.


How can the labyrinth represent journeys that we are on right now? What insights can the labyrinth reveal to us? On the walk we listen to our inner compass, attend to where we are right now, and set our sights for moving forward.

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