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Learning design is our specialty! It’s our buzz! Give us a challenge and we’ll take it from there, whether it’s helping you work through an aspect of labyrinth design, or planning something for your unique environment – indoors or out.


Thinking about 

  • incorporating the inclusion of a labyrinth into a special space?

  • featuring a labyrinth in a park, garden, paved area or natural environment?

  • how it might work in a tricky space?

  • where or how a labyrinth could be readily accessible for employees in your workplace?

Not sure about 

  • which labyrinth design to go for, or the materials to use?

  • how to introduce the concept of labyrinths and their benefits/potential to your workplace?

  • where to start?


Whether it’s 

  • a workshop you’d like to run with staff/employees, 

  • an event you’d like to honour in a special way, 

  • ways and means for planning learning & teaching opportunities, 

  • getting going with theme-related experiences, 

  • a team-building exercise, 

  • a masterclass for top managers or middle managers 

  • incorporating the use of labyrinths into your social and emotional learning (SEL) program 

  • or any other labyrinth experience . . . 


Let’s talk through your needs, and the possibilities,
so that your labyrinth experiences can be uniquely yours. 


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