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Learning with Labyrinths

creatively designed experiences,
pathways to discovery
for individuals and organisations

We are more than our minds. Threading its way through the expanses of time, the labyrinth finds us ready to access our body wisdom in the 21st Century.

It’s incredible to think how much potential resides in a symbol – specifically a universal symbol and timeless archetype. The labyrinth, a metaphor for journey, is that symbol. The labyrinth itself is nothing new; it’s been around for millennia. But how we’re working with it is.

Journeys are what we are all on and those journeys, whether personal, professional, emotional, physical or spiritual, take many forms and shapes as we navigate through life. Young, not so young, or in-between, we have much to learn about ourselves, how we relate and how we interact. The labyrinth is one resource that can help us as we journey through self-observation to self-discovery and self-knowledge. Walking a labyrinth is the physical experience of the journey metaphor.

Here at Learning with Labyrinths we bring all of our accumulated labyrinth experience together for you, whether you head up an organisation, work in a team, manage a department, coordinate groups, teach a class, support individuals, volunteer in community or are searching for purely personal experiences.

Specialising in learning design, and with a strong background in high-impact pedagogical practices, we customise labyrinth learning experiences to your specific needs. Alternatively, we have a host of ready-made workshops and resources begging to come alive in your context.

Explore our services and resources
for application across multiple sectors:



  • As a pedagogical tool

  • As a mindful tool 

  • As a reflective tool


  • A de-stressor

  • A tool for self-reflection

  • A tool for creativity

Individuals & Community

  • Releasing

  • Inspiring

  • Renewing

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