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unlocking the creative, calming the mind, encountering body wisdom, discovering new dimensions on the unicursal path

Whether you work in a company, business, corporation or organisation, think about all the skills you use on a daily basis – the technical, the conceptual, the human and personal. And think about where the majority of the activity related to those skills takes place. In your head! But what about the rest of you, the body percent? Your body percent makes up 90% of you and yet it’s almost completely latent and under-utilised. We’ve lost the art of reading, acknowledging and knowing our own body wisdom. There are keys to unlocking this wisdom, and the labyrinth can be a tool for such discovery. The trick is to approach it on its own terms: it’s a path to be walked, it’s unicursal, and it’s an invitation.


We learn and discover by experiencing the labyrinth: by walking the path, and by allowing ourselves to open to it. Whether on a large scale walking model outdoors, in a dedicated space indoors or on a small scale table-top finger labyrinth, one of the first things noticed when we take that invitation, step in and let go is that head chatter slows down on a sliding scale from rapid to ripples to still.

Walking a labyrinth is in fact a mindful, meditative practice. In the Journal of Future Studies, Sohail Inayatullah lists quiet time and associated practices in first place as a critical ‘super skill’ for futurists.
That’s quite an assertion! We are all futurists engaged in shaping our future.


A de-stressor, the labyrinth helps release the mind of all its incessant chatter, being present to the moment, staying open and non-judgmental, and taking things step by step leading to slowing down, decreased levels of stress, anxiety and agitation. In their place come quieting, a sense of calm and stillness, relaxation. And the journey towards self-observation, self-knowledge and the accessing of body wisdom begins. 

A tool for self-reflection, the labyrinth can aid high level management skills such as analytical thinking, decision making, problem solving, interacting, communicating and strategic thinking. Carrying a focus question or intention along for the walking journey allows for self-discovery, bringing new perspectives to the fore and helping to recognise the blockers that can cloud our clarity of thought.

A giver of “body speak”, on the labyrinth we learn that our bodies do not necessarily speak the same language as our heads. When we become aware, learn to be more self-observant, and begin to notice body changes – however subtle, we see that our body speak is often an image, a symbol, feeling or emotion, or even a metaphor. In this way the labyrinth also serves us as a tool for creativity, feeding into our imagination, expressiveness, inspiration, ideation, innovation and inventiveness.

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We are more than our minds. Threading its way through

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the labyrinth finds us

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body wisdom

in the 21st Century.

Louise Mason




The scope and breadth of our workshops knows no bounds. From the specifics of labyrinths themselves and delving more deeply into the whys and wherefores, to actual labyrinth construction, to ways that labyrinths can be incorporated into programs and professional development, our workshops will get your journey started!




You might be surprised at how many different ways a labyrinth can become the focus for team building in your organisation! Why not try it on!




Heard about labyrinths but not sure how to progress? Have a particular idea that could use some expansion? Thinking about how to bring a team or whole staff together? Looking for more ways to incorporate labyrinths into the life of your organisation?

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Looking for something that’s a perfect fit for your context and circumstances? Interested in exploring ways that labyrinth experiences can complement the programs, goals, vision, values of your workplace? Uniquely for you…

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Learn how a simple walking pattern and mindful practice can become the new super tool for your workplace. From managing stress to accessing body wisdom, the labyrinth can bring calm to bear, encourage new perspectives, and unlock the creative just waiting to emerge.

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