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Do you want to foster a workplace that can manage stress, stay cool under pressure and maintain sharp focus?

Want to maximise employee talent and productivity? 

"If you are a company leader who says employees should be encouraged to exercise, nobody looks at you funny. The same thing is happening to meditation and mindfulness, because now that it's become scientific, it has been demystified. It's going to be seen as fitness for the mind." Chade-Meng Tan (head of mindfulness training at Google)

Enter the labyrinth, a tool for quieting our minds and for self-discovery: for learning the art of reading, acknowledging and knowing our own body wisdom. We can bring more than simply our head knowledge to the work we do. Our bodies have innate wisdom just waiting to surface. Walking a labyrinth path allows us access to this when we accept its invitation, open to it, let go of expectations, and learn to be non-judgmental. The skills of self-reflection and self-observation accompanied by walking in the here and now are crucial to this inner work. At the same time we benefit from releasing our head chatter and associated stresses. Mindful practices are acknowledged as one of the critical super skills for the future.

In the Masterclass you will:

  • reflect on your current reality

  • consider the labyrinth as a source of wisdom

  • learn about 3 main functions of the labyrinth in the context of management: as a de-stressor, a reflective thinking tool, a creativity channel

  • experience and reflect on several labyrinth walks

  • apply labyrinth experiences to yourself and your context

  • consider labyrinth scenarios in your organisation 

Shaped and given meaning over many thousands of years, the labyrinth - archetype and ancient, universally-present symbol – is a tool for our times. New insights and opportunities can emerge in our awareness, giving us access to our own voice of wisdom.


Note: Full-day masterclasses are offered 

  • one for Top Managers

  • one for Middle Managers

community walk 2.jpg

Incorporating symbol and metaphor, the labyrinth allows us to recover a wider expansive consciousness, bringing a sense of timelessness across

a sea of change.


Louise Mason

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