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 2022: Garden Island Pop-Up Labyrinth

This labyrinth is temporary in nature and pops up several times a year for special events like the Nature Festival and, most recently, to celebrate Adelaide’s new status as second Global National Park City.

popup jun 22.jpg
the site - Garden Island, SA

The Project

Garden Island is an aquatic recreational area and a unique coastal environment nurtured by the presence of thick forests of mangroves. As such, it is an ecosystem of biological diversity.

To offer labyrinth walks in this very special environment we challenged ourselves to create a design to honour the mangroves. And so we turned to the mangrove seedling, known as a propagule, for inspiration. The distinctive design symbolises both the core and the gentle unfurling of the tiny plantling leaves.

Using non-toxic turf paint we mark out and apply the pattern spanning 18 metres. The labyrinth path takes the walker through a spiral, sixteen turns and another spiral to arrive at the centre. Then that sequence reverses on the walk back out.  The markings generally “survive” for several weeks until the grass mower and the watering system take their toll.

mangrove propagule 1.jpg
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